Friday, September 21, 2012

Burlap & Denim Wreath

So I was totally inspired by this wreath on Pinterest

Burlap and Denim Wreath

I had just cleaned out a ton of 
oh so flattering 
hideous mom jeans
from my closet 


I had burlap that I HAD TO BUY when I was in JoAnns.

This was the perfect time to make this wreath

Here is how I did it

Unfortunately I didnt take pics as I went but it was so easy...

Cut a long strip of burlap and wrap it around a foam wreath
(Using a glob of glue from my glue gun to anchor it) 
I just wound it around the wreath till it was fully covered.
I did a few more globs of hot glue as I went
then at the end of it too.  
I actually didn't have enough of the burlap strip cut 
to cover the whole thing 
cause I am really precise when I measure stuff
wait no I'm not
I wing it....
so I just glued the added piece to the back 
shhh, nobody will see the back anyway

Cut strips of denim to make the rosettes and create the flowers
I liked the different shades of denim too
(was wishing I still had my acid wash jeans for this--HA)

I used the tutes from these 2 sites


Rosette Flowers


There are like a zillion tutorials on how to do flowers on Pinterest and YouTube
Just pick one you like, you really cant mess this up!!!

 For the "Welcome" sign I used an old cereal box 
to cut the little pennant triangles 
then used Tacky Glue to stick the denim to them 
then cut around them to make them even & neat

 I stamped "Welcome" using acrylic paint and clear rubber stamps from Michaels, they are so old, but i love them still!!

I hole punched two holes in each corner & threaded twine
I just played with it till it sat right

Here it is all finished

I totally love it
It isn't exactly like the one on 

The Magic of Ordinary Things Blog

But I am really happy with it!


  1. Tracey, it makes me so happy that I inspired someone. Thank you for sharing!! Ingenious idea of glueing the denim to cereal box cardboard. By the time I took mine off the door, all the denim had curled. When I go to hang it out next year, I'll have to use that idea and do a little maintenance. And I agree, I love the different shades of denim... and the acid wash would have just been the icing on the cake. I like yours better than mine!!!!

  2. AWWWWW, Kristol- Thanks for the compliment!!! And thanks for the inspiration! Yeah, the cereal box thing was out of frustration cause the denim just wouldn't sit right. The wreath has been up for a while & it has held up this whole time, I am shocked! Love your blog!!!