Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dogs doing human things

I am totally a sucker for these things
I can't help it

This dog cracks me up!

Dogs Rule!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best of the Blog World Wednesday

I want you to meet the person that made me start a blog
Her name is Elsie Larson

I actually "met" Elsie at Archivers

Her book

52 Scrapbooking Challenges

was on sale in the bargain bin at Archivers of all places.
I had seen some of her layouts in some magazines
and loved her scrapbook paper.
I was so excited to actually have her book in my hands.
I immediately started to search the internet
for all things Elsie
and stumbled upon

It is one of the very first blogs I have ever followed
Elsie is adorable & creative
edgy & sweet & innocent
all a the same time

Since then
I was hooked
& have been a loyal blog reader for about 2+ years now

She has followed a dream of hers to open a shop
with her sister & her friend

Since then she has expanded to a bigger store
that sells vintage as well as handmade decor & fashion
some of which she has designed herself
so eclectic & just magical

She recently got married so I am posting this video of her wedding


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best From the Blog World Wednesday

I found this blog

pretty recently
I love it
Roo is funny & creative
She makes my day when there is a new post from her,
Almost every single post she writes makes me laugh or she makes me smile!

She found this on You Tube
It is so freakin cute I just had to share!

Speaking of funny You Tube videos
This is my family playing the Wii

I am not sure what is more funny

My husband's fancy footwork & the way her twirls like a girl
or me snickering & snorting as I watch them!!!

Excuse the technical difficulties in the beginning

At the 20 seconds mark is where the fun begins, the very last few seconds are the best!

Good times!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best From The Blog World Wednesday

very "firstest" ever

Best From the Blog World

Yet again another direction for

Bell Skys Blog

I have become sort of a
blog stalker
I have a set number of blogs that I have to look at every day
(see right hand column)
There are so many great ideas out there
I want to share them with whoever is out there & reads my silly blog
These posts make me happy & inspire me
so I thought it would be fun to share some "blog love" with you!

I dont know who even reads my blog
But if you are reading, leave me a comment & let me know what you think!

I am going to try to feature a fave blog post that I have discovered on Wednesdays

It may be a recipe,
an inspiring story,
Hi-Lar-I-Ous or
something crafty & creative

the first post is from a great blog
that is named so appropriately
on a daily basis I have been

click here

I dont know Michael personally but stumbled on his blog & have become a regular reader
He followed his dreams & opened this Bed & Breakfast in PA.
On his blog he shares lots of decor & recipe ideas
Someday, I would love to stop by & meet him in person
& stay in one of his pretty rooms

So, he posted this recipe for Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes that looks so


(insert "Casey growl" there)

I havent made them yet, but i plan too
funny thing is that i made pancakes earlier today for my girls before I saw this post
(trying to avoid buying all that processed food & have started making a lot from scratch
cause I am all happy home maker like that, ha)

Filing it away for next time
If you try this, let me know how they come out

Stop by Michael's blog & check out all the amazing stuff he has done
He really is so creative!