Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer time things to do with the girls

We are in a year round school 
 our calendar is weird
We are in 9 weeks (called track/ed in), 
off 3 weeks (called track/ed out)
We love it
Most people who have never lived the year round calendar
cringe when we say we are in school year round
But really, it is AWESOME

I love track out time
sometimes I panic.....

like today

today is the last day of school

I am in panic mode....
did I say that already?

I feel like I am Julie the cruise director

....without a clipboard

OK, so we only have a week off between grades-
aka-summer vacay


I know

we track in on July 9th
(first day of school)

We track out July 27
for 3 weeks

then we track back in
August 20th 

SO rather than popping Xanax like its candy I turned to my trusty old Pinterest to get me through trying moments Track out

Here are 10 Pinterest inspired Summer Ideas 
I am going to do with the girls during our 1 week "summer vacay" & our 3 week track out in August

My girls are not the most artistic but every once in a while they will find a picture & try to copy it, they will love this site!!!

I am pretty sure you can use the glass pebbles for this, 
with my Michael's coupon loaded on my iPhone
after we have gathered a few supplies 
we are ready to rock these out in no time!!!

I personally L-O-V-E these!
I am going to make one!!!

OK, a little more adventurous 
but would be a fun activity for dad to help us with, 
right, dad?!?!
Yoo Hoo...


There isn't a link for these 
but it is just stick pretzels, hershey white chocolate kisses (Hugs) & M&Ms


The link to these was no longer available 
but these are sooooo cute!

OK so I said 10, which turned into 11
if i don't stop now, 
I will be sitting here 
up amazing things to do with my  kids 
rather than 
amazing things with my kids

So I am stepping away from the computer
and Pinterest for now

Leave a comment if you have found any other fun things to do with your kids this summer!!!!


  1. Great ideas! And when I was teaching in CA our district was entertaining this idea. I remember thinking, sounds awesome for parents, but maybe less so for teachers! I LOVED my breaks when I was teaching, do they still get those?!

  2. HI DM- THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT!!! We love year round, it is amazing!!! We are 9 weeks in, 3 weeks oOUT. For parents it is just a shift summer break. In our area camps cater to year round families now. It has created a bunch of new business opportunities for camps/specialty camps. We really would not want to go back to traditional calendar! Another added benefit is to have vacay opportunities when the rest of the world doesn't. We have gone many places off season!

    Enjoy the resr of your summer