Monday, September 30, 2013

Another day in the kitchen with Pandora & Paleo (ish) Meals

So I am literally on a mission to make dinner time healthy & easier around here.
I am mostly doing clean eating & doing somewhat Paleo.
Some things I haven't cut out totally but I have cut back tremendously are:
sugar, dairy, grains, processed foods 
(unless its from TJ's or Whole Foods & I can read every ingredient on the label) 
almost all white carbs like bread, pasta & potatoes.
I have subbed almond milk or coconut milk where I can and I started using Turbanado Sugar 
for my tea/coffee in the morning.

It really hasn't been as hard as I thought but it takes a lot of planning.
So I have been spending a lot of time in my kitchen 
(which we just had redone & I love!!)

Don't get your Paleo Panties in a twist
I know white flour is not Paleo but  Toll House Cookies aren't either.
This pic was from another day of baking.

I am a hot mess with planning
My ADD gets in my way no matter how many lists I make. 
 I usually end up forgetting half the sh*t I need or half the sh*t I planned on making
For some reason, today I had it all together!?!
That really hardly ever happens!

So I signed on to Pandora 
with my **RENT Original Broadway Cast** Playlist
(its all Rent, Le Miz, Wicked, Disney and Glee in one happy little playlist)
and started singing and cooking the afternoon away.... are a few recipes I tried today....

So mixing these together was so simple and they smelled so yummy & "fallish"
 I was so excited for them.  
I am trying so hard to get more protein in my diet
they would be perfect, easy breakfast....
but honestly
 these really tasted like pumpkin flavored flat eggs

I did a little more research and it seems like if you add almond flour 
it will make a more pancake consistency  
I am going to try that out, but ummm have you seen the price tag on almond flour?
what the what?
We will see!

So the crockpot makes life so frikkin easy
I never used one till recently and it has been a lot of fun.

So this was really easy to put together and i did something a little different
I made it a freezer meal!

I added everything but the meat.
I sealed it in a ziplock bag and shoved it in the freezer. 
When I am ready to cook this I will dump it all in the crock and see what happens.
(I have made very similar recipes that started with the same stuff
& crocked it so I am pretty sure it will work..fingers crossed)

Dinner prepped & ready for future crazy day
BAM! One less day of cooking & cleaning that crap up!


So when my girls were babies I really didn't leave the house for like a year, 
They were preemies & the doctors scared the crap outta me about RSV.
Truth is, I was scared to death to leave with them anyway.
The diaper bag & the bottles & changes of not worth the effort.
Mom's of multiples, really moms of singletosn too, you know. 
Plus it just gave me a reason to live in my yoga pants & not do my make up
My husband loved coming home to my sexy a$$ every day....
bah ha ha!

I watched a lot of Food Network, A Baby Story & a lot of Sex in the city DVD's
It was then that i discovered this perky little Italian Upstate New Yorker
that showed me it was possible to make meals short & sweet with most stuff you have in your pantry
(Yes Martha, its true)
Say what you want about "Rach"
You either love her or hate her
but she changed my world!
She really made me try things that I never would have tried before

back to the chicken dish....

I love this dish
I love that you make it in one pan
I love that it is full of yummy veggies
I havent made it in a while so it was fun to try it again
I changed out the white potatoes for sweet potatoes & I left out the cheese

This was super easy & it tastes so good, even with my screw up.
I am a weirdo & can eat soup all year
The fact that it is still 80 degrees here is no big whoop!

I have tried to give credit where credit is due to creators of these recipes, 
at minimum if they posted them on their blogs.
If you know anyone who has created these or posted these & I have screwed up by not properly crediting them, please let me know!

If you stop by PLEASE let me know, 
leave a little comment here.
I am very bored & lonely and really don't want to fold laundry
Well, two of those are not really true!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making Dinner Easier Part 1

You know that feeling when your kids get off the bus, 
homework is getting done and  
dinner is prepped and ready to serve

::record scratch::

Yeah, me neither, for a really long time
Then I got smarter about it.

I started keeping track of meals we liked, 
meals that were easy, 
ingredients that you could find 
at the regular grocery store, 
meals that were healthy & 
meals that everyone actually would eat 
with out whining about it

I started making groceries lists and then

I found Pinterest

Frikkin life changer people

I have decided to put together a post of really great meal ideas that I have tried & have worked. Some are from Pintrest,
 some are from the web or from magazines.  
I will include some helpful hints along with each recipe too!

 These tried & true recipes have been super simple to make & have been enjoyed by pretty picky eaters.  
With a little planning ahead I can honestly say 
I have stopped reaching for the Xanax 
every time I heard the bus in the afternoon.

Mediterranean One Dish

This one is super simple, you use one pot and that's it!
We serve it with pita & hummus or Tzhiki
I dont care for oregano so I leave it out
We also serve with feta on the table 
so you can add as much or as little as you want
Same goes for the olives

Applesauce Glazed Pork Chops

Ok so this one I have made with pork tenderloin 
sliced into medallions.
It takes no time to cook and is soooo easy

Serve with a green veggie & rice

Done with dinner

Mongolian Beef

Another super simple one
most of this stuff you have on hand

Serve with rice & brocolli 

For this one I used pork tenderloin cut up into tiny slivers rather than ground pork
I also made the cucumber salad as a side rather than putting it inside the pita
This was soooo quick & easy

Chicken Pot Pie "Cupcakes"

This actually works

It is so easy its stupid!
This is one of those quick meals to make when its 
just you & the kids
Serve with salad

Hopefully these are a few new super simple recipes to make your life easy.

Let me know if you tried them and what your family thought!

(many of these were found on Pinterest, in magazines or on the web.  I made sure to give credit to all original sources.)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Can't Hide Crazy..Leigh Bones

I had the pleasure of meeting a new blogger who is totally hilarious & intelligent.   
Most of her posts have me peeing in my pants.  
Go to her blog, follow her on Facebook.  
Just go do it!  She is awesome!!!  

AND.......shee is going to be attending BlogHer - Chicago in July, HELLO!!!!  

Very cool!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother'sDay Wish

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms i know & love.  First & foremost to my own mom who showed me unconditional love & self sacrifice, almost to a fault. To all the moms that came before her in my family that paved the way. To my aunts who were second moms constantly surrounding me with a sense of humor, a nurturing nature and the love I needed.  To my sisters who are not moms yet but have blessed my daughters with kindness, love, generosity and laughter.  

To my mom friends. Whether we walked the mall armed with Cheerios & sippy cups, shared misery about nasty diapers or the pukeys or whether to call the pediatrician.  Figuring out preschools or trips to Disney.  Moms who have endured playdates, hangouts & room mom responsibilities by my side. From the mundane-sharing recipes or cleaning tips. To the hilarious TMI stories that we have sworn to keep secret.   To the heartbreak we have all shared over loss of a parent or loss of a pregnancy.  To mom's who have shown unwavering courage & strength through their own children's diagnoses & illness.  To those persevered by my side through infertility, especially to all who listened to my heartbreak as I struggled with it and still loved me afterwards!!  

To moms to be, step moms and any woman who has loved a child, this day is in your honor too!!  

This day would not be possible for me if it wasn't for the unselfish gift of a mother who sacrificed and placed two precious babies in my arms and allowed me to take over for her as mommy for the rest of their lives. I am still in constant awe of the gift I was given, some days I am still moved to tears!!  

I hope you all have a Mothers Day that is peaceful.  I hope your are honored today and shown love. Hope you are spoiled rotten & your day is designed the way you imagined!  

Thank you for the impact you have made in my life. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He's so gay!

Conversation between me & the girls the other night...
twin: He is sooooo gay!
me: gay? do you know what that means?
twin: yeah, it means if a boy acts like a girl
me: hmm no, not really? where did you hear that?
twin: this boy at school, everyone says that he acts like a girl, he talks like a girl & he thinks he is a girl, so they call him gay.
me in my head:       ::well hold on to him ladies cause he will some day be your bestie!!!!::
me: well, hmm how bout I tell you both the truth about the meaning of gay, cause your friends dont really have it right..
me:      ::deep breath, hoping i get it right::
me: sometimes, a person is born they have feelings like they like being with someone, they identify or like to hang around someone who is the same as them. A boy can like a boy & a girl could like a girl. they can fall in love & be together for a really long time, they may date for a short time, they could even get married.
twin: but they cant make a baby
me: no, but they can adopt a baby and can be a family
me: but they are gay and its part of them just like the color of your hair or the freckles on your nose (S) or the two different color eyes you have (C) Its very much who they are and not something to be made fun of, if you make fun of someone because of being gay, you are a bully. it would be the same as someone making fun of you because of the way you look. Its just part of who they are.
twins:       ::silence::
me in my head:       ::holy crap, i hope i got that somewhat right......but i think i did?!?!?::
twins:        ::more silence::
me: so what specials did you have in school today?

So this conversation has been one I have been waiting for.  My girls are official tweens, they will be 11 in a few weeks. We have had the discussions about body parts, changing, growing up & yes...."the birds & the bees".  This was the next phase of the dialogue, Dialog really never ends in my chatty house.  With two girls + me, its inevitable.  But I kinda like it that way.  Open dialog & honesty seems to always have worked for us.  My mom was always open & honest with me, I chose to parent that way also.  
My goal for my children is to teach them kindness, love, acceptance of all people.  Regardless of....well... anything.  It makes me sad that so many people are so divided on this topic.  I felt good about telling them the way I told them.

If I have lost friends because of this post, then that's sad.  If I have helped another parent with telling their child the same thing then great!  I never really know what direction I want this blog to go in.  I just felt really compelled to share this here.  Leave a comment if you'd like.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Hockey Autograph Books

So I was asked to make a new batch of hockey autograph books for a "Hockey Mom"
who is a busy mom raising 2 adorable Hockey Boys
while running her own business

The Hockey Mommy

I originally made this book for her older boy

Very First Hockey Autograph Book

Her boys are huge fans of the local team here

The Carolina Hurricanes

Her boys have been able to skate with the Canes
so these books are perfect for collecting all those famous signatures!!!

These are the newer, updated books I made for her son & two friends.

Very cute, very fun to make "boy" stuff
I had to really stop my self from adding a flower or a burlap heart!

It was a lot of fun to be asked to make these again!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Tribute to The 26 Angels of Sandy Hook Elementary

Amazing song in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

My prayers goes out to every one who knew & loved all these beautiful angels