Friday, October 12, 2012

Grapevine & Burlap Rosette Wreath

So I have totally been on a wreath extravaganza lately
It is a simple way to change things up for the seasons
and so far the ones that I have made 
have been really frikkin easy

I found this one 

on Pinterest...of course
Here is the technique Jenni recommended to make rosettes

For this wreath

Really all you need is:

*Glue Gun & lots of glue sticks
*Grapevine Wreath 

Thats it!

I love the wispiness of these grapevine wreaths
but it would work with anything

I am soooo addicted to burlap
Its everywhere
I love how elegant & rough it looks at the same time

So here are few pics I took along the way
and some instructions too

It is really simple, so I am sure my lame attempt at explaining isn't really needed but here we go...

So I started with about a 1 1/2--2 inch thick strip of Burlap 

 I rolled, twisted & glued.  
 as I went to get the rosette look
Roll, twist & glue
Roll, twist & glue

Kinda like
Lather, rinse, repeat...

You really cant screw this up, the faster I went, the more sloppy the rosettes were & I actually liked the sloppy ones better,
kinda like I do in real life
(liking the sloppy ones, that is)

Then I lined the rosettes up along the circle (inner part) of the wreath till they looked right
again i just eyeballed them

I was going with the odd number rule too
Love how that works out!
This is the finished wreath

Hanging on the front door

Close up

I also made a tiny one for a bridal shower

& attached a Gift Card.  

Kinda a nice gift?!?!

So that's it, lots of fun to make & super easy!

Let me know if you try one!


  1. I love your wreath extravaganza! What a great idea for a fall front door!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day,

    1. Thank You Karianne! I love when I get comments so you just made my day! YAY!!