Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cookie Scoop

OK, so I am not really a baker, really.  
It is too precise for me.
Too exact, I am not exact with anything! 
So when I find tools that make me a better baker I get REALLY excited.

A few birthdays ago this arrived on my doorstep

from my mom & sister
I had been talking about one for years
and they totally surprised me with it!


I love my kitchen aid mixer
It makes me smile when I walk into my pantry to see it!

I love it so much that it has motivated me
to bake more
(don't get me wrong, I have always baked, it just hasn't always been as fun for me)

Back to the blog post

I have recently discovered a brand new (to me) product that has changed cookie baking for me

It's the Oneida Trigger cookie scoop  

And it can be found at your nearest 
on the kitchen aisle

It has enables me to make perfectly even cookies that are all the same size
Hello, my cookies are never even, they are total misfits & not pretty like this!

In my previous life this never happened!

It makes it so easy to scoop cookies out
Even my girls can do it

So if you are a Mama who only bakes for holidays or if you are forced 
Head over to your local Wally World, 
go directly to the kitchen aisle & buy yourself one of these
The cool thing about being at Walmart is that while you are there 
you can: 
 1)buy all the ingredients you need to make these delish toll house cookies  
2)  pick up all the hardware supplies you need to rewire your house
3) pick up barbie underpants for your kids!

Everyone wins!

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