Sunday, January 22, 2012

Very First Pinny Party!

I hosted my very first Pinny Party!

What's a Pinny Party???

It's a party where all of your Pinterest Pals 
get together & create 

If you have been obsessing about Pinterest for as long as I have,
you know you have a board of crap that you want to create!

Well, we actually did it
We had been talking about it for a while
and I finally made it happen

Here's what you can do to make your Pinny Party happen too!!

FIRST:  Pick a project

You know there are things you have that you are just dying to make
You know it maybe something with mason jars or burlap or both
and certainly glue guns are involved

Here's where we started:

We wrote up a list of supplies & sent everyone on their way to gather up all they needed
Many emails went back & forth about what supplies to get etc.
In the end we all came up with unique to us versions of the board we wanted to make.

Second: Pick a date, time & place

So we all came together on a Saturday night at my house to get our "craft on"

Third: Plan a menu

In addition to "amazing stuff I want to create" boards 
I also have "amazing stuff i want to eat & drink" boards too

I chose 2

Cake Batter Truffles

found here

Strawberry Mojitos 

found here

although I was the only one who indulged in the strawberry mojitos "salad" drink
(I added way toooo many mint leaves)

Fourth:  Get your craft on

 We headed up to my craft space to get the party started

So the honest truth-
this was pretty adventurous project to make in one night
I don't think any of us finished in one sitting

With a room full of this many creative women it was great to
bounce ideas off of each other

We had a lot of laughs

We definitely wanted to pick another project and do it again

The most common phrases of the night were

"I saw it on PINTEREST"


"Well if you were on PINTEREST you would have seen it"
(one of us wasn't on Pinterest at the time)



"Mother f@*(!$*@, SH*t, Son of a B*tch" 
when we burned ourselves with the glue guns

More Ttuths:

This is what mine looked like at the end of the night

This is what mine still looks like

Will post pics as soon as I am done
In 6 months, I am sure!

BUT Here is K's

She ended up using elmers glue to finish it!  LOL

Here is A's

It was an amazing night
we all had a blast

We are in the planning stages of party number 2
and I am thinking of starting a 
Pinny Party blog too!

Let me know if I have inspired you to start your own party!

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