Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best of the Blog World Wednesday

I want you to meet the person that made me start a blog
Her name is Elsie Larson

I actually "met" Elsie at Archivers

Her book

52 Scrapbooking Challenges

was on sale in the bargain bin at Archivers of all places.
I had seen some of her layouts in some magazines
and loved her scrapbook paper.
I was so excited to actually have her book in my hands.
I immediately started to search the internet
for all things Elsie
and stumbled upon

It is one of the very first blogs I have ever followed
Elsie is adorable & creative
edgy & sweet & innocent
all a the same time

Since then
I was hooked
& have been a loyal blog reader for about 2+ years now

She has followed a dream of hers to open a shop
with her sister & her friend

Since then she has expanded to a bigger store
that sells vintage as well as handmade decor & fashion
some of which she has designed herself
so eclectic & just magical

She recently got married so I am posting this video of her wedding


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