Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think I have an ADD problem......squirrel!!!!

Here is what my day was like-

Ritalin Anyone????:

6:00 am-Sky comes in dressed for school, ready to snuggle as my alarm goes off
this was the highlight of my day, my girls RARELY snuggle anymore!
6:15 am-after snuggles w/ my Noops (Sky's nickname) & hitting the snooze button,
i get up dressed & ready for work,
apply make up 1/2 assed(you would not approve Ash)
then change 17 times before i decide on an outfit
6:58-rush downstairs,
write a check for school,
make tea for my travel mug(disney of course)
grab banana & bag for work, off i go

7:29.59-pull into work just in time
8:30-finish testing & tutoring, decide I should head to walmart
8:34-in my car thinking it is a really good idea to check email
8:45-still in school parking lot writing posts to Facebook about American Idol
8:49-drive to Walmart & park car, enter store where i don't really need shit
9:20-leave store with shit i don't really need & drive home

(Shit I Don't Need)

Between the hours of 9:40& 3:30 this is what i did:

get home
change into comfy clothes
make coffee, drink first cup
strip sheets off our bed
put in load of laundry
unload dishwasher
call my dad(his sister just passed away-90 years old)
start making meatballs & sauce for dinner tonight
make bowl of oatmeal for breakfast
eat bowl of said oatmeal
drink second cup of coffee
let dogs out, let dogs in (repeated 3 times over course of several hours)
paint shelf for girls room that i bought at the goodwill 6 months ago
scrub other shelf w/ primitive stars that i also bought at good will 6 months ago
check Facebook & email 17 times......
drive to Cathy's, take Riley with me to let Sage out
almost ram into the mailman who is in our driveway & I dont bother to realize till I am half out of the garage!!!!
attempt drive to Cathys again
drop off old teaching materials while at Cathy's, realize I forgot 2 items(imagine that)!
speak to my HS friend Colleen while I am at Cathy's & watching the dogs play
drive home with Riley
paint little chair that i am planning to mod podge

(chair that I will be modge podging soon, post coming)

go up in attic to look for country/primitive stuff for shelf
download "No Rain" ring tone
said some prayers for some people in need
wonder why I can never get anything done!
start writing this post
put wet laundry into dryer
clean up paint supplies
ask joe to hang shelves for me
do suggestive dance so Joe will hang shelves for me,
(well what i thought was suggestive, others may call spastic & awkward)
eat meatballs that i made for lunch
ask Joe about his Crossfit work out
listen to joe tell me about his Crossfit workout
fantasize about Joe's trainer who he describes in full detail (about all his tight muscles)
-is that wrong??
Joe to be describing OR me to be fantasizing????
or both????
write more on this post
take photos for this post
swiffer kitchen floor

Still wonder why i get nothing done........

Now I am ready for a nap & the girls bus will be here in a minute!!!!!


Tell me about your ADD day!

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  1. Wow, you were busy!!

    I always buy stuff at Wal-Mart I don't need...