Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Fun My Ass!

I really am convinced that

is published to remind us of how boring we are & how we need to step it up and do fun creative stuff with our kids

I always do & then my kids lose interest 1/2 it me?

I stumbled on this article

So I think, wow this would be so fun to do with the girls for Easter
I love projects
I always have so much free time that I can spend my leisure making things with them
then birds & flowers tied in ribbons will fly around us as we do them


This project came out super duper cute & now that I did it, i know how to make it easier....
I would assembly line it

Again thats a


But here is how i did it
for those who want to know

I apologize in advance for the crappy pics
I was too lazy to take my ass upstairs to get my camera

So we started with
chocolate animal crackers
chocolate frosting
orange mike & ikes
green gummy candy
sugar wafers

So I beat the crap out of the animal crackers-
rolling pin in a ziplock was my method,
don't know if there is a better/easier way

Then we mashed in some chocolate frosting,
I didn't measure anything,
I kept adding frosting till it felt kinda like crumbly play dough

then my lovely assistants helped me sort out the orange mike & ikes

then start snipping the green gummy candies (rips)

I cut them in halfsies

then in quarteries

then snipped to make the stalks

then worked them into the snipped top of the carrot, really easy cause they are so pliable

You basically use the sugar wafers & frosting to make a rectangle shaped "flower box/planter"
So two are the long sides & 1 cut in 1/2 is the short side of the rectangle
the frosting is the glue to hold them all together

Then add in the "dirt" and "plant" the carrots

Funny thing is the girls had given up by then
the snipping had gotten tooo boring & they walked away
Hubby ended up taking pics for me and "planting" the carrots

There is a lot of extra "dirt" on the edges but they came out so cute!!!!!
Lot's of work
I ended up doing most of it
So, Family Fun?
Not so much!

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