Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahoy Mateys!

You know when you send a baby present,
the older sibling feels left out?
Just finished making this to send to a friend's boy who just became a big brother!
He is 5.
What 5 year old boy doesn't like pirates?

That being said, what 40 something year old woman doesn't think of
Jack Sparrow when she thinks of pirates???

.....i digress

This was so easy to make,
I mod podged scrapbook paper on the wooden letter "T"
which I purchased here (just for this reason)
Cut the skull out of the same scrapbook paper
and m/p'd that onto chipboard.
Painted the edges black,
drilled holes
and strung wire through it,
tied some hemp at the top of the wire,
tried to keep it masculine (was so tempted to tie ribbon)

Just noticing the pic is really blurry, had to scan it,
no camera :o( as of yet, but secretly hoping that I get one for my bday in a few days! :o)

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