Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making Dinner Easier Part 1

You know that feeling when your kids get off the bus, 
homework is getting done and  
dinner is prepped and ready to serve

::record scratch::

Yeah, me neither, for a really long time
Then I got smarter about it.

I started keeping track of meals we liked, 
meals that were easy, 
ingredients that you could find 
at the regular grocery store, 
meals that were healthy & 
meals that everyone actually would eat 
with out whining about it

I started making groceries lists and then

I found Pinterest

Frikkin life changer people

I have decided to put together a post of really great meal ideas that I have tried & have worked. Some are from Pintrest,
 some are from the web or from magazines.  
I will include some helpful hints along with each recipe too!

 These tried & true recipes have been super simple to make & have been enjoyed by pretty picky eaters.  
With a little planning ahead I can honestly say 
I have stopped reaching for the Xanax 
every time I heard the bus in the afternoon.

Mediterranean One Dish

This one is super simple, you use one pot and that's it!
We serve it with pita & hummus or Tzhiki
I dont care for oregano so I leave it out
We also serve with feta on the table 
so you can add as much or as little as you want
Same goes for the olives

Applesauce Glazed Pork Chops

Ok so this one I have made with pork tenderloin 
sliced into medallions.
It takes no time to cook and is soooo easy

Serve with a green veggie & rice

Done with dinner

Mongolian Beef

Another super simple one
most of this stuff you have on hand

Serve with rice & brocolli 

For this one I used pork tenderloin cut up into tiny slivers rather than ground pork
I also made the cucumber salad as a side rather than putting it inside the pita
This was soooo quick & easy

Chicken Pot Pie "Cupcakes"

This actually works

It is so easy its stupid!
This is one of those quick meals to make when its 
just you & the kids
Serve with salad

Hopefully these are a few new super simple recipes to make your life easy.

Let me know if you tried them and what your family thought!

(many of these were found on Pinterest, in magazines or on the web.  I made sure to give credit to all original sources.)

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