Monday, November 22, 2010

Late Halloween Bargains at Michael's

The girls & I had a
**girls night out**
when Joe went to the lake house with his friends,
so we did what any other girls would do
we went to Michael's!
All their Christmas stuff was out but there were a few left over Halloween items laying around that they were
practically GIVING away
so these are a few of the treasures we brought home
Got all these for less than $5.00!
Gotta love a bargain!

The ghost basket
Full Price $9.99
Sale Price $.99

These guys are so ugly but they reminded
me of the singing busts at the
"Haunted Mansion" at WDW!
full price $1.99
Sale price $.19 each!

Tim Burton-ish,
full price: $14.99
sale price: $1.49

This was just cute
Sale Price $1.29
Full Price $12.99

Sale Price $.59
Full Price $ 5.99

See, here is the receipt! Crazy!

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