Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget-9 Year Anniversary of 9/11

These are actual pictures taken of
the World Trade Center
Twin Towers in the 1970's

The photos were taken by my father of the WTC & the park surrounding.
They were taken back when these things were not common place:

color coded terror alerts
Al queda
extreme security at airports
weapons of mass destruction
Osama Bin Laden
Evil doers
shoe bombs
2 oz limit of liquid on airplanes
war in Iraq
an attack on American soil
using airplanes full of fuel as "missiles"
Flight 11
Flight 77
Flight 93
box cutters

On this day I always feel compelled to watch the specials
and watch the news.
I want to be reminded of the pain that we all felt that day,
in some way it is my version of never forgetting.

Most of us can't even remember what life was life before 9/11
It makes me sad that my children will not know life
without knowledge of 9/11

Today I did participate in Tunnel to Towers 5K run/walk in
Wake Forest.
this is the official site where it all began,
in honor of Steven Stiller

this is where we ran today:

Saying prayers for all who lost loved ones that day.

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